Life is abundant

We’re living it up in the out of doors just as much as we can lately. 

We have found three nests on the ground already this spring.  It’s a sad reality that some fall from the trees before they are meant to.  It’s fascinating to look at the nests and see the incredible detail in which they are constructed.  This one’s been abandoned for a couple days….pretty sure that little birdie’s not going to make it since its mama is nowhere to be found! :(

There’s a drum or guitar everywhere he goes. 

The kids and I have a new outside game….we like to call it “tree bingo”.  It’s a real hit with pre-schoolers.

This girl’s obsessed with climbing into the stroller…mostly because she’s reverting back to all things baby.  Doesn’t really help the progression of potty training.  I know.  And I don’t want to talk about it. 

Love this boy - and he loves the camera, which helps:)

And if you’ve been reading our blog over the past several years, you know how I love taking pictures of the kids when the dandelions peak in our yard!  I know…it’s weird….but tell me it’s not cute!

Always bringing me “flowers” - the best kind I know of!

Tava Renee.  2 1/2 and full of life!  Curls and sass, but she’d live outside if I let her.

Lucy Evelyn at 9 months

These two love each other.  Lucy is trying to grab Truman’s boot, and he just thinks it’s hilarious!

And yet, while wanting to be a baby, she also works so hard at being a big girl. 

What is better than barefoot in the grass?

We’re seeking to live life abundantly where He’s called us to each day.  Somedays that’s easier than others, but I sense God’s Spirit with us each day giving us just what we need - His grace and peace for each moment.

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Outside Friends

We’ve turned the page on what Sam and I like to consider one of the greatest months of the year - full of anticipation of the season upon and ahead of us, and discovering little creatures like the one Truman’s holding.  Our little man for sure needs to be reminded to be gentle and “don’t squeeze him!”, but both Ts are loving our little green friend that keeps showing up on the deck steps. Hoping he doesn’t make an appearance indoors, but with a boy in the house I suppose I should come to expect that one of these days. 

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Lucy Love

Little Lucy love is a joy in our household!  She’s 8 months this week and I can hardly believe it.  I was just telling Sam tonight that at times, especially, in the first year, (and perhaps even more when there are olders), as a mom you are doing everything to take care of this wonderful baby and going through the work as best you know how, (not going through the motions necessarily….though at times I’m sure I have….but more just doing what needs to be done, ya know?), and though I know I’ve definitely been pausing to enjoy her, all of a sudden I realize…..I have a baby…who is now a big baby…..and is developing this little personality….and grabbing… and laughing, sitting, playing, eating, eating, eating, and even fit-throwing (could it be?!:)!  Whew. 

Maybe it’s the way she cranes her neck on the changing table now everytime she hears another giggle down the hallway…like she knows exactly what sound that is and who it is that might come to greet her.  Or how she wiggles her body in musical celebration to sounds of our daily faves like Christy Nockels and Group One Crew. Or the way she opens her little mouth like a baby bird just ready to chomp the next bite.  Whatever it its…one thing’s for sure…this little lady is a joy, and it’s like my post-partum fog continues to lift more and more each month and I’m seeing this little babe as a more concrete little person…..not that she wasn’t before or that I didn’t see her as a person.  No, I’ve certainly been enjoying this baby phase the most out of all three, (let’s be honest…while three is hard because of the compound factor, there’s something about the third time around that just helps you to stop freaking out about everything). 

I think it’s just that now she’s making herself known a bit more…..and I’m seeing our family as truly having three little budding personalities.  And it’s super great:)

Capturing her is so much fun.  I just love her mop of hair.  I kind of sometimes think it looks a little wispy like yoda (like in the original movies folks…there are no wispies in the new digital editions)....because it’s way long in the front…and short in the back…like a reverse mullet.  Okay….don’t tell her I said that.  I’ll delete this before she’s old enough to read it.  Overall…I totally dig her hair, so don’t judge my hair observations. 

Anyway - here’s the baby eye-candy:

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Pondering and memorizing these verses lately:

Luke 6:30-31

“Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours do not demand it back. And just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way.”

A tall glass to swallow if it were all up to me.  Each morning I read this and ask Jesus to fill me so this is true of me.  So many needs, so many tasks, so many worthy things to give myself to, and yet I am constantly confronted with my selfish, hesitating heart.  I’m realizing it can only be done as my self is poured out, and His spirit is filled up in me…over and over and over.  Quite a mystery I’m in no place to solve, but He promises me that He will supply me with everything for life and godliness.  So I praise Him for the miracle He will do in my heart today!

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Reclaiming a little freedom

It may or may not come as a surprise that there’s a lack of organization in my house.  I’m kind of shocked by it, truth be told.  But I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that this recovered-neat/control-freak, turned it’s-good-enough mom of three, is now trying (needing!) to reclaim some order and organization to help get a little sanity(and freedom!) back into my life. 

Oh it’s nothing earth-shattering mind you.  Just a few things like actually writing out my meals for the week and food prep that needs to be done, purging dresser drawers, mapping out task-lists, and coordinating a daily schedule/routine for me and the kidlets.  That latter one has proved to be the grand-daddy freedom launcher of them all.  And I should have known that my first-born-structure-thriving son would totally dig checking that schedule everyday for the plan ahead.  I knew that we needed some kind of visual schedule for our home.  It only takes being asked “when can I have a snack?” about 20 times before your insides begin to erupt.  We needed something that would help the kids especially to know what to expect, and know when in the course of the day it would happen.  However, I hated that feeling of being locked into something and just feeling like a failure at the end of the day when your “plan” didn’t happen.  I actually was doing a little searching on pinterest and found this blog (Keeper of the Home).  I love her concept of using a fluid schedule with re-movable parts - this totally solved the problem of feeling locked in.  This way, if the course of the day suddenly changes (and with small children it especially can do that very often!), we just adjust the schedule, move things around, and totally eliminate things we’re not going to get to.  So I took this idea, and tweaked it a bit. Here’s our set-up:

I made little individual cards with each task/event of the day and I attached velcro to make them re-movable.  An envelope attached to the closet door holds extra cards for additional things like ‘outings’, ‘playing outside’, ‘friends over’, etc.  I drew pictures so the little peeps could understand what each card says since the goal is helping them see for themselves what is expected.  The chore chart at the top is found here at Dandee Designs blog.  Tava’s still a little young for half of the chores, but the positive peer pressure of Truman accomplishing things is helping her see the motivation in trying.  There are some areas where Truman really struggles to achieve on the chart, so I have been challenging him not only to keep at it in these areas, but ask God to help him to do so without complaining or arguing…(a tough thing for me to do too without the Spirit’s intervention!).

So, we set the schedule for the day either the night before or right after breakfast.  It honestly has helped me clear my mind, give direction and purpose to our day, and has helped my kids know what to expect.  If someone starts arguing about the timing of when, where and who it helps to direct them to check the schedule.  And let’s just be clear….no system is perfect.  But perfection was not my intention….just a little more freedom.  You might think freedom is the last thing that a schedule gives you.  What I’ve found however is that much like a budget gives you freedom to know what you can spend where, a schedule has done just that as well for our family.  This way, I know that at approximately such-and-such time of day, the kids will be working independantly on activities, etc… I can throw a load in the wash and feed the babes.  It’s that kind of freedom that is keeping my mental load from spinning out of control right now! 

And you know, with everything it’s baby steps.  I’m not sending our home into organized-hyper-drive.  But a girl’s gotta dream.

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