Metal in My Eye

Well, here is the scoop if you have not heard:

Roy and I were fixing a metal door at camp that had been dragging on the floor.  I took a grinder to the bottom of the door which solved the problem.  And I will have you know that I was wearing protective ear and eye wear.

That evening, after I had crawled into bed and was trying to fall asleep, I began to feel a slightly irritating object in my left eye.  I put some eye drops in my eye that proved to be inaffective, and then I just figured whatever was in my eye would just flush out overnight.

On Saturday I went through the day without feeling a thing in my eye until the evening.  I was operating the tow cable on the Bunny Hill when the irritation returned with greater intensity.  I had my eye drops with me, and after putting about 500 drops in my eye I gave up.  Again I went to bed that night just hoping that the speck in my eye would just flush out.

Sunday was horrible.  While I was at camp I was trying to avoid going outside (which is impossible) because the brightness of the snow brought unbearable irritation to my eye, even when it was closed.  Even indoors it hurt whenever my eyes would change focus.  Due to my inability to function properly, I went home early.  I had been told that if I had metal in my eye, it would begin to imbed itself and rust in my eye.  That was not comforting news.  Since it was Sunday my options were to wait until Monday to see a doctor or go to the ER.  Having had corrective Lasik eye surgery four years ago, I did not want to play games with my vision, so we decided to drive an hour south to Marshfield.  The doctor numbed my eye and was able to dig out a couple specks of metal.  He could still see a rust ring in my eye and he referred us on to see an ophthalmologist the next day.

The highlight of the day was when we stopped at Hardee’s on our way home.  I cannot decide which fast food restaurant has the best burgers: Hardee’s or Culver’s.  I had the double thickburger, which was incredibly messy and delicious.  Tawnya faithfully pointed out some ketchup on my face which was actually out of my tongue’s reach!  Now that’s a messy burger!  You’re probably wondering what Tawnya ate, but if you know Tawnya you would guess chicken strips.  Yep, chicken strips.  She claims that she’s kinda “burgered out.”  Unbelievable.

So Monday we returned to Marshfield to receive great news from Dr. Anderson.  After removing the rust ring, he gave me some antibiotic eye drops and said that I had a swollen cornea.  He expects my blurred vision to return to normal as the swelling goes down.  Because I am a diabetic he said the healing could take several days to a week, but I have noticed a significant improvement in my vision in the 24 hours since that appointment. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  The greatest thing about life is that our God is in control.  The One who spoke the universe into existence is in complete control of even a microscopic piece of metal.  It is great to know and rest in that.

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Community Day

Community Day is held each Sunday afternoon at camp. This is a day when our facilities are open to the public for tubing, skiing, skating & snow-shoeing.  Many in the community come and bring their families to these afternoons.  Free ski lessons and a family-friendly environment make these days enjoyable for many! We see Community Days as a great way to serve the local community and to expose people to Camp Forest Springs who may have never been to a camp program before.

Sam was scheduled on the tube hill yesterday, and here you see him loading campers onto the tube lift�

�.and getting a camper group ready to head down the tubing hill!

It�s great for Sam to have this camper interaction:)

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Visits Are Always Welcome

Our site is a little updated now with the option for you to leave comments after each post we make more of a blog-style site if you will?

Were living it up here with Mark, Sams brother, and his wife Katie visiting from Omaha.  Its been great to take them out to camp and show them around.

So far weve done a little skiing

a little tubing

and have played two full games of Cities & Knights of Catan!

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2007 Is Here!

Wow! The last month has really flown by and now here we are in 2007 already!  Happy New Year!  We hope that you had a meaningful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior, and that you continue to have hope in the year ahead because of all He has done for us.  It is incredible to look back over the year and see Gods faithfulness in the big life changes, and also in the simple day to day events.  We hope youre able to reflect in the same way.

Before our Christmas break, Sam had the opportunity to be involved with the snow making process on the ski hill.  All of the maintenance men take shifts while snow is made around the clock.  This year was a record setting year.  God has blessed camp with seven snow makers, and this year the temperatures stayed well below freezing long enough for the snow makers to run continuously until completion in six days and five nights!  Check out pictures in the snow scenes photo album.

After another great visit to Omaha, catching up with family and friends, we headed back home to Wisconsin.  We were delighted to find a winter wonderland waiting for us at home.  Our area was hit with seven inches of snow just before Christmas, providing incredible scenery and good skiing snow to start off the winter season.

We hit the ground running with a full week of Wintertainment, a camp for high schoolers that takes place between Christmas and New Years Day.  There were about 160 students who came to experience winter in the north woods and get their chance out on our ski hill.  Kent Hannestead was the speaker and challenged the youth from Ephesians 5:15 which says, Be very careful, then, how you livenot as unwise but as wise.  It was exciting to have campers around camp again after about a month filled with meetings, camp projects, and time off.

We now head into the full winter retreat season!  Thats right, at Camp Forest Springs the winter months see more people come in and out of camp than the summer months.  We will have the opportunity to serve some 8,000 guests from January through March.  We are excited for all of the activity that is ahead and hope that people would be drawn closer to the Lord through their stay at camp.

On the home front, Sam just celebrated his 25th birthday!  Hes not one to make a big deal out of such a day, but it didnt go by without his favorite Peach Pie being made.

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Go Huskers!

We had a wonderful time in Omaha last week for the Thanksgiving holiday with both of our families.  It was a huge treat to be able to watch the Husker game with fellow fans and see a sweet victorious outcome over Colorado!

Check out the sweet crowd of family and friends

We (and in we I guess I really mean Sam!), also spent lots of time geo-caching (check out for an explanation), and we even took my sister Nichole, niece Allison, and nephew Caleb out geo-caching on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a hit and the kids even got to take a little trinket out of one of the containers we found.

Theyre pretty much geo-caching pros now!

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