Ready to ski!  January 2012

Ready to ski! January 2012

The Old Man Christmas Show

We’ve been busy the past few weeks!


Over the past two weekends we presented our annual dinner theater on six nights, to over 100 people per presentation!  One of the staff members, Matt Hoffland, has written and directed these productions for the past number of years.  This year’s was set in a retirement home and told the story of Louie, a cynical man, who was formerly a Vaudeville stage performer.  The three men in the retirement center were asked to reunite and do a performance for their fellow residents.


Along with a lot of humor, songs, and dancing, Louie was impacted with the fact that his life was nearing its end.  Fritz, one of the residents was able to connect with Louie and share the Gospel with him.  It was a really touching performance!

At the end of the show, Matt was able to come on to the stage and use elements and quotes from the show to clearly present the Gospel to the guests.  For some reason it was very meaningful for me, I was the sound and lights technician, to be part of such a poignant presentation of what God and Christ have done for us.  In my job I click the mouse and type an awful lot, so it was special to feel a part of the message of Christ being shared!


Here is a video clip of one of the dance routines in the show!  Enjoy!

posted: 12/13/11
by: Jesse
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