Our family, spring 2012

Our family, spring 2012

Let the Journey Begin…

It has been quite some time now since we last updated so we thought we would take a quick break from our busy lives these days and fill you in on where we feel the Lord has been leading us.

For what has been the past 10 years, Jesse and I have tossed around the idea of possibly adopting.  Well these last few years in particular the Lord has been pressing that thought more and more on our hearts.  We have felt the knock becoming louder and louder and thought it time we stop ignoring it and open the door. 

So as of a few weeks ago, the first set of papers (which will soon be many I am sure) arrived at our house for us to begin the home study process which is the first step towards adoption.  We have started talking with the kids about what adoption is, what it means, how the Lord has adopted us as his sons and daughters, and it has really been such a neat process so far.  And we have only just begun!

There is a long road ahead of us, and from what we hear that most often times involves waiting.  We ask that you would pray with us!  We are trusting God for a lot of unknowns in this process but are so excited to see what He is going to do!  We’ll try and keep you updated as we go. 

posted: 01/26/12
by: April
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