Still in love over 10 years later!  Spring 2012

Still in love over 10 years later! Spring 2012

We have been blessed

This spring Jesse and I purchased the supplies to put a metal roof on the house as our shingles were showing some serious signs of wear.  Jesse’s plan was to work on it himself when he had a chance over this summer.  Well after the first day of working on it this spring, he ended up being down for the count for quite a while when he was hit with a kidney stone (if you missed out on that one, click here!).  So, after loosing some time that he had planned to be able to work on the roof, and with fall quickly approaching, Jesse’s family decided to pitch in and come for a weekend of metal roofing!  We were blessed with many helpful hands, both family and some friends that stopped by to help as well.  We are now pleased to report that we are ready for the snow….well, ok, so maybe that can wait a few more months! 

Some pictures of the process….


Measure twice and cut once right guys!  smile


The weather was for the most part just beautiful.  A great weekend to work on the roof!


It is coming!


In the morning we thought it would be fun to take the family on a voyagers breakfast.  It is something we do for the campers at family camp each year.  So, we loaded the entire family into ONE massive canoe (this one canoe can hold up to 18 people) and paddled to a campsite at camp and cooked flam burritos!  It sure was fun!

I have not yet taken a finished picture but plan to do so soon.  Thanks to everyone for the help and the awesome food that you all brought as well.  We truly felt blessed in SO many ways!

posted: 09/04/11
by: April
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