A Misty Fall Morning at Camp

A Misty Fall Morning at Camp

Anxiously Awaiting!

A quick update on our adoption journey…

The birth mom had a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor and she decided that they will schedule her to be induced next Friday the 29th if baby does not come on her own by then.  We have been thinking and praying about when to leave so that we aren’t in North Carolina too early but also to hopefully make it before the baby comes. 

We have landed on this coming Friday, the 22nd, to head out.  That’s TOMORROW!!!  We will plan to take the drive either fast or slow depending on if we get a call that she has gone into labor or not.  If we end up being early to NC we have made a connection with another Christian Camp, Camp Grace, only 17 miles from the hospital and they have graciously welcomed us to stay and even invited us for a thanksgiving meal if there is still no baby by then! 

Continue to pray as the details seem to change hourly!  As I see the fresh snow falling outside my window I am reminded of God’s perfect holiness and we trust in Him. To Him be the glory even in all these details! 

The Schutt’s


posted: 11/21/13
by: April
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We’ve been matched!


April and I have some very exciting things happening in our lives right now! Yesterday we received a call from our adoption agency located in Charlotte, North Carolina. An African-American birth mom has chosen our profile and would like us to adopt her baby girl! Not only that, but the baby is due to be born in just 8 days!!!

We weren’t expecting this to happen quite so fast, so we have a TON of things to care for in a very short order, such as travel plans, paperwork, and some really fast fund-raising! Our total for the agency fees is $16,075 of which we have somewhere around $6,500 already raised. We are set up with the Micah Fund, which is a portion of John Piper’s old church, is specifically set up for minority adoptions, and can receive tax-deductible gifts.

From our perspective, this is an urgent request, both for prayer, but also to see if you may be interested in pitching in a few dollars to help us adopt this little girl? Gifts are tax deductible and may be made here: https://micahfund.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=products&specific=jnlmmnd8 - We’ve received 100% of what we anticipate the expenses will be for the agency fees and travel! Any other funds that come in to the Micah Fund will be used to support other adoptions.

Another option, aside from donating directly to the Micah Fund would be to check out some of the woodworking items I’ve been attempting to sell via Etsy. All of the proceeds from these items will go directly to fund our adoption. Update! All the cutting boards on the Etsy site have been sold! If you would like, I can certainly take orders and fill them after we get back with the new baby girl. Just let me know!

Please, please pray for us as we trust the Lord to pull this all together!

Thank you!

Jesse & April Schutt

PS - If you felt moved to contribute to our expenses, would you please let us know? Since we are in the final hours of fundraising, it would help us to know what has gone in to the Micah Fund. (They aren’t set up to provide real-time updates on giving) And finally, donations would need to be placed before the baby is born… which could be within the next few days, in order to receive a tax-exempt receipt and designate the funds towards our adoption!

posted: 11/14/13
by: Jesse
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I Will Live and Grow in Jesus

Today was a beautiful fall day and Jesse and I had the opportunity to teach 8 little camp kiddos a lesson all about leaves.  Since we have been homeschooling our kiddos it worked out perfectly to use a lesson from our curriculum.  What better thing to study than leaves since they are falling all over the place right now. 

We had a chance to talk with the kids about how when the leaves are attached to a plant or tree, they grow and look beautiful.  However if they decide they want to “be their own boss” and remove themselves from the plant, they will eventually die.  Our life is like the leaves and the plant is like Jesus.  If we decide not to obey or follow Him we will die.  So, to support or lesson we had the kids all say and memorize, “I will live and grow in Jesus”.


After our lesson we headed outside and hiked a bit to see how many different kinds of leaves we could find.  They learned that each kind of tree has a different shaped leaf.  They had fun filling their bags full of all sorts of leaves in different shapes and colors.


Jesse had a chance to show them a few types of needles and how you can tell what tree the needles come from based on how they feel.


It was a privilege to teach these little hearts and minds this morning.  They sure are a blessing and we pray for them as they grow that they would “Live and Grow in Jesus”.

posted: 10/02/13
by: April
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