Our family, spring 2012

Our family, spring 2012

Where Has The Summer Gone?

As I sit here in my office, taking a second to update the much-neglected blog, I’m impressed with the speed at which life continues to move by.

This past week I’ve been without my regular assistant, so I’ve been out taking all of the photos and video clips.  While it has meant that a number of items remain uncared for at the desk, it has also given me the opportunity to get out and interact with a number of the families.  It has also forced me to look very closely, and analytically, at what goes on here at Camp Forest Springs.  What I’ve seen has been a great encouragement.

Our summer started off in the regular fashion of Counselor Training Institute, followed by Youth Camps, and now Family Camps.  Throughout the past weeks much ministry has been accomplished!  It’s a joy to watch the staff come here for the first time.  They are always a bit nervous, which manifests itself in either general goofiness, or in a more timid fashion, of reserved emotion.  By the time they have gone through their training they have really gelled into a group that works well together and is ready for the summer activities.

Then there was Youth Camps… talk about a crazy time of year for the Media Department!  There is a saying that goes something like the following: “A Photographer Works When Everyone Else Plays”.  And, at a CFS Youth Camp, there is much playing!  I was able to help create a follow-up, highlight DVD for each camper.  This packet included a video that recapped the week, a challenge for the kids from the speaker, as well as recordings of the Bible sessions.  Hopefully this will be a tool that helps keep them connected with Camp, as well as get them motivated to come back in the future.

From what we’ve heard, there were many significant decisions that were made by the campers.  I don’t know the exact numbers, but someday we will see the fruits of our labors!

That pretty much brings us up to where we are at right now, in Family Camps. 

This morning Lauren and I were able to lead a group of families out to Voyager’s Breakfast.  Paddling across James Lake in the early morning mist, while listening to the family units chatter back and forth, I was impressed with the fact that Camp Forest Springs truly is a place where families can get away from regular life and enjoy being together, sharing experiences, making memories, learning, and laughing.  Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget that things are happening in peoples lives.  It’s easy to get distracted by our own issues and forget that there is much important ministry to do!  People need Jesus!  Our world needs Jesus!

Anyhow… I hope that this gives you a bit more info on what Jesse and April have been up to this summer.

PS - Here are a few videos that I thought you might like to see grin


posted: 08/03/12
by: Jesse
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And we wait!

Exciting news in the Schutt household today.  After the mountains of paperwork and just waiting for things to be processed, we are finally considered to be a waiting family with our adoption agency.  YEA!! 

So, what does that mean?  It means that everything on our end is taken care of (paperwork wise) and now birth familes can start to look at our family as they consider who would be the best family to raise their child.  The wait could be anywhere from a day or two or even up to a year or more, but we know that God already has the timing chosen and will let us know when that is when He is ready! 

We pray.  Since the process has begun, we have started to pray for the birth family and the baby that the Lord would place in our home.  The kids faithfully pray as well and wait with anticipation as we do.

More exciting news happened on Saturday.  We were approved for our first grant!  It is a matching grant through the MICAH fund.  Look for more information on that to come later.  smile

Thank you for praying for us.

posted: 06/04/12
by: April
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Getting Closer

This past Tuesday Jesse and I mailed out what should be the last of the paperwork needed before we can become a “waiting family”.  What this means is that shortly families will be able to start viewing our profile, and from there could select us to adopt their child. 

We are excited to enter this next step in the process, trusting in Him, and knowing that His timing is perfect.  Our wait could be anywhere from 1 month to even a year or more.  We are also working on patience in the process!  smile


posted: 05/20/12
by: April
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